Superannuation seminar

What’s New?

The Most Significant Changes In Ten Years in Superannuation Are Currently Occurring

What will the impact be on you?

Wealth accumulation strategies

Learn strategies to assist with the accumulation of wealth regarding the superannuation rules comprising contributions, transferring assets and also borrowing within SMSF's.

Clever exit strategies

Find the different strategies you can use to effectively get money out of Superannuation including SMSF’s. These will include pension strategies, under and over paying pension, death benefits and estate planning.

Intergenerational Planning Strategies

Find out the best way to maximise and manage payment of death benefits. 

In order to assist our clients work through these issues, we have invited Michael Hallinan, Special Counsel Superannuation from Sydney, to lead the discussion at our seminar.

Superannuation Opportunities

  Tuesday April 11th at 6.00pm
at the Commercial Club 618 Dean St Albury

That’s right it’s FREE.  To validate your ticket just go to and register, or call Helen at our office on 02 6021 0335