Pandemic Crisis Issues, Risk Management and more

Pandemic Crisis Issues, Risk Management and more

Read article from Peter Deans former chief risk officer at Bank of Queensland who has had more than 30 years in the banking industry

Last month, many of you will have received my ‘launch email’ for the 52 Risks® framework.  I will from time to time, send out a short email with updates on the framework and related initiatives. Emails will be no more frequent than monthly.  I hope you find them useful to read about what is happening to 52 Risks® and my thoughts on business management, strategy and risk management.

Firstly, thank you for the calls, messages and emails, following the launch of 52 Risks®.  It has been encouraging to see many business leaders seeing the value in a plain English, easy to follow tool, for managing and identifying business risks. It has been my vision to share this widely and assist all businesses, irrespective of size or industry, to better understand business risks.

The focus this month is on the challenging times facing all business and communities with the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

•    Pandemics: The Convergence of Business Disruption & Economic Slowdown.  In early March, I posted this article on how to deal with the unfolding economic, social and financial crisis. Click here to go to the 52 Risks website for the full article.

•    Podcast: Pandemic Prep: Board Oversight of Crisis Response.  I recorded a podcast with the US based group Diligent (the world’s leading board portal group) in mid-March, on board oversight during the pandemic crisis.

The Diligent Insights website ( is also a fantastic resource for boards and executives.

•    Australian Financial Review (AFR) Article on Risk Management.  The AFR’s highly regarded columnist, Chanticleer, published an article 1 April 2020 highlighting the value that risk professionals can bring to any organization. I was delighted to be able to provide my thoughts and observations on the management of risk by boards.

•    The 52 Risks® Infographic.  Too busy to read any of the 52 Risks materials at the moment ? Perhaps just download the Infographic to see on one page the 52 Risks framework. One click here is all that is needed. 

As always please let your friends, fellow directors, executives, business partners and work colleagues know about 52 Risks®. The website materials are all free to download and share.

Finally – and most importantly - best wishes for you, your family, friends and work colleagues. wherever you may be in the world, in these difficult times. 

Kind regards,

Peter Deans