Bushfire Support for Small Business 

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced $75k grants to primary producers impacted by the fires.  This will indirectly assist regional business communities, but based on the comments made by the Prime Minister during yesterday’s roundtable meeting, we expect more Federal Government support initiatives for impacted SMEs (A small to mid-size enterprise) will be announced in coming days. Please find information relating to assistance for those affected by the bushfires.

If this does not apply to you it may apply to some one you know. Please feel free to pass the information on.

Our condolences go out to those affected. We wish them a speedy recovery. The following contains information on support available to small businesses impacted by natural disasters.

Business Recovery

Business.gov.au has information on support for Australian businesses affected by the bushfires. Visit vvvvw. business.clov. au/News/Bushfire-support or contact 13 28 46.


DisasterAssist is a temporary Australian Government website for the current bushfire disaster as well as for disaster recovery payments.

Visit www.disasterassist.gov.au or contact recovery@homeaffairs.gov.au

Disaster Assistance

Provides assistance to businesses across Australia that have been affected by natural disasters. Assistance includes:

Disaster Recovery Allowance — is a short-term income support payment to assist small business, employees and farmers which experience a loss of income as a direct result of a major disaster.

Disaster Recovery Payment — a one off Disaster Recovery Payment of $1,000 for each eligible adult and $400 for each eligible child.

Visit https://www.business.gov.au/orants-and-programs/disaster-assistance or contact

13 36 77.

Dealing with Disasters Australian Taxation Office

If you have been affected by a disaster such as a cyclone, flood, bushfire or storm, don't worry about your tax affairs right away. The ATO will give you time to deal with more immediate problems first and can help sort out tax affairs later.

Visit www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Dealing-with-disasters/ or contact 1800 806 218

Rural Financial Counselling

Provides business support and information to eligible clients (including cattle producers, fruit and vegetable growers, fishers, foresters and harvesters and small related business) facing financial difficulties. Can assist in applying for grants or assistance.

Visit www.aqriculture.gov.au/rfcs or contact 1800 686 175.

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

Bushfire assistance for small and family businesses.

Visit www.asbfeo.gov.au/news/news-articles/bushfire-assistance-small-and-family-business

Fair Work Ombudsman

For information on workplace rights and entitlements for employers and employees affected by natural disasters.

Visit wvvw.fairwork.gov.au/about-usinews-and-media-releases/website-news/bushfires-across-australia or contact 13 13 94.

Mental Health Services for fire affected communities Bushfire Recovery Access Program

The Bushfire Recovery Access Program will provide additional psychological treatments and services for individuals, youth and emergency services personnel. Services include:

Immediate distress and trauma support — up to 10 free counselling sessions will be available for individuals and emergency services personnel, who have been affected by bushfires.

For further information contact Services Australia on 180 22 66 or local Primary Health Networks on www.health.gov.au/ohn

Enhanced services through Medicare and Telehealth — An additional 10 psychological therapy sessions will be available under Medicare. This includes the use of telehealth videoconferencing to access mental health and wellbeing support from your GP.

Visit www.humanservices.qov.au or contact 132 150

Community recovery and coordination — the deployment of bushfire mental health response coordinators to fire affected areas.

Supporting communities in recovery —Community connectedness and recovery grants of up to $10,000 to fund activities at grass-roots level to help mental health and healing activities post bushfires.

Visit https://www.hurnanservices.qov.au/indivi  duals/subjects/bushfire-recovery-access-program.

Mental health and wellbeing assistance

Assistance for small businesses and individuals. Visit www.asbfeo.ciov.au/my-business-health/home

Bushfires and Mental Health

www. beyond blue. org .a u/the-facts/bus hfires-and-mental-health/

Recovering after a natural disaster

Visit www.lifeline.orq.aukiet-

help/topics/recovering-after-a-natural-disaster New South Wales

Contact the Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511. Farm Household Allowance

Australian Government support package that's available to eligible farmers and their partners experiencing hardship for up to four cumulative years (1,460 days).

Visit www.aqriculture.qov.au/aq-farm-food/drought/assistance/farm-household-allowance,  www.humanservices.qov.au/individuals/services/c entrelink/farm-household-allowance,  or contact 13 23 16.

Dead or Injured Livestock

Department of Agriculture officers are working with states and territories to provide support, which may include disposal of deceased

livestock, and advice on pest and disease threats and mitigation with the movement of fodder. Visit www.aqriculture.qov.au/biosecurity/partnerships/n bc/nbepeq/interstate-deployment-arranqements

Disaster Relief Loans

Natural disaster relief loans are available to small businesses directly affected by a declared natural disaster, including floods, fires and storm damage.

Visit https://www.raa.nsw.qov.au/disaster-assistance/disaster-recovery-loans or contact 1800 678 593.

Disaster Recovery Grants

Natural disaster recovery grants eligible for primary producers, small businesses and non­profit organisations for clean-up and restoration costs.

Visit https://www.raa.nsw.qov.au/disaster-assistance/disaster-recovery-grants or contact 1800 678 593.

Primary Producer Assistance

Recovery Grants and Concessional loans and transport subsidies for eligible primary producers. Visit https://www.raa.nsw.qov.au/disaster-assistance/disaster-recovery-loans/primarV-producers or contact 1800 678 593.

NSW Business Connect

Business Connect is a dedicated NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help start or grow a small business.

Visit http://www.industry.nsw.qov.au/business-and-industry-in-nsw/businessconnect or contact 1300 134 359.

Volunteer Firefighters' Financial Support

Payments for eligible volunteer firefighters who are self-employed or employed by a small or medium business and have lost income. Visit https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/r eoister-interest-volunteer-firefighters-financial-support-program or contact 13 77 88.

Farm Innovation Fund

The NSW Government is offering a loan scheme for capital works up to a value of $1 million per project for infrastructure works (eg sheds, silos, water storage) to prepare for dry conditions, to build resilience and improve on-farm efficiency. Visit www.raa.nsw.qov.au/loans/farm-innovation-fund or contact 1800 678 593.

Donated Fodder Transport Subsidy

The NSW Government is covering the cost of transporting donated fodder when transport providers are acting in conjunction with community groups and taking fodder from within NSW to properties affected by drought and other emergencies.

Visit https://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/orants/donated-fodder-transport-subsidy or contact 1800 678593.

Natural Disaster Transport Subsidy

A natural disaster assistance transport subsidy is available to eligible farmers who are affected by a declared natural disaster event.

Visit www.raa.nsw.gov.au/grants/natural-disaster-transport-subsidy

Domestic Water Supplies Rebate

A rebate of $2,000 will be provided to assist eligible landholders with the costs of carting water or installing associated infrastructure to support domestic water supplies. Eligible landholders will be able to apply for the rebate from ServiceNSW when the program is operational in February 2020.

Visit http://www.service.nsw.qov.au/ or contact 13 77 88.

Animal Welfare Transport Subsidy

The NSW Government is subsidising 50% of eligible costs for the permanent transport of stock off a farm which is facing financial hardship and where livestock are at fat score 2 or below (dairy cattle 3 or below), to a maximum of $20,000 per financial year.

Visit https://www.raa.nsw.qov.au/grants/animal-welfare-transport-subsidy or contact 1800 678 593 to check eligibility.

Sporting club and recreation clubs assistance

Concessional loans for eligible sporting clubs. Visit https://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/disaster-assistance/disaster-recovery-loans/sporting-and-recreation-clubs or contact 1800 678 593.

Farm Gate counsellors

Farmers and business owners in bushfire affected areas can access Farm Gate counsellors and peer support workers.

Visit https://www.ramhp.com.au/find-ramhp-coordinator/

Victoria Support

Bushfire Recovery Victoria

A new permanent and dedicated agency to support the bushfire recovery in Victoria.

Visit www.vic.gov.au/bushfire-recovery-victoria

Disaster Relief Loans and Grants

Natural disaster grants and loans are available for people in the bushfire impacted areas.

Visit www.emergency.vic.gov.au/respond/

Bushfire recovery support

Agriculture Victoria is supporting Gippsland and Upper Murray landholders impacted by recent fires through animal welfare assessments and assistance, farm impact assessments and the referral of urgent cases of personal need to the appropriate agencies

Visit www.agriculture.vic.gov.au/agriculture/emerg encies/recovery/gippsland-upper-murray-fires or contact 13 61 86.

Small Business Bus

Operated by Small Business Victoria, the Small Business Bus visits Melbourne and regional Victoria as a 'travelling office on wheels'. It offers friendly, professional assistance and expert advice from an experienced business mentor. Visit www.business.vic.gov.au/events/small-business-bus or contact 13 22 15.

Small Business Mentoring Program

Mentors will help refine a business strategy, map out the direction that a business should be taking and assist in setting goals for businesses to succeed.

Visit www. business.vic.gov.au/support-for-your-business/grants-and-assistance/small-business-mentoring-program or contact 13 22 15.

New grants to stimulate Aboriginal Business

Aboriginal businesses operators can now apply for grants under a new $750,000 funding package for Kinaway, Victoria's Aboriginal chamber of commerce.

Visit www.business.vic.gov.au/news/2018/rnarch/ new-grants-to-stimulate-aboriginal-business or contact 13 22 15.

Regional Jobs & Infrastructure Fund

The Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund (RJIF) is the Victorian Government's overarching regional development package. It focuses on major projects, employment and communities. Visit www.rdv.vic.gov.au/about-rdv/regional-iobs-and-infrastructure-fund or contact 13 22 15.

Concessional Loans (in place for the 2019 fires)

Concessional interest rate loans are available to eligible primary producers, small business and not-for-profit organisations in the Baw Baw, Cardinia and Latrobe Local Government Areas that have been affected by the March 2019 fires. The concessional loan can be used to fund the cost of clean-up, recovery and significant loss of income. Applications for loan assistance close on 31 May 2020.

Visit www.emergency.vic.gov.au/relief-and-recovery/908 or contact 1800 260 425.

Primary Producer Clean-Up and Restoration Grants

The purpose of the grant is to provide financial assistance to primary producers located in the local government areas of Baw Baw, Cardinia and Latrobe that were impacted by the bushfires which occurred in February/March 2019. The grant can be used to fund the cost of clean-up and recovery. This assistance is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian governments under the DRFA, and the grants are administered by Rural Finance. The maximum support available under this program is $10,000. Applications must be submitted by 31 May 2020. Visit www.emergency.vic.gov.au/relief-and-recovery/908 or contact 1800 260 425.

South Australia Support

Recovery Grants for Small Business

Financial assistance of up to $10,000 is available for small businesses impacted in Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island for costs associated with clean-up, restoration and rebuilding.

Visit https://dhs.sa.gov.au/services/disaster-recovery/kangaroo-island-fire-recovery or https://dhs.sa.gov.au/services/disaster-recovery/cudleecreek or contact 1800 302 787.

Recovery Grants for Primary Producers

A grant of up to $15,000 is available for eligible primary producers affected by bushfires within identified areas of South Australia.

Visit https://www.pirsa.gov.au/emergency mana  gement/bushfires/2019 bushfire information/reco  very grants for bushfire affected communities i n south australia or contact 1800 931 314.

Disaster Recovery Allowance

Short-term payment to help if a declared disaster directly affects your income.

Visit www.dhs.sa.qov.au/services/disaster-recovery or contact the SA Recovery Hotline on 1800 302 787.

Mental health and wellbeing assistance

Regional Access offers free professional telephone and online counselling 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people 15 years and older living or working in regional South Australia. Visit sareqionalaccess.org.au/ or contact

1300 032 186 for immediate support.

Small Business Centre

Business advice services can be accessed at business.sa.gov.au/Grants-and-support-services/Business-advice-services or contact 1300 142 820.

SA Recovery Hotline

Provides information on how to recover from fires. Visit https://dhs.sa.gov.au/services/disaster-recovery or contact 1800 302 787

Queensland Support

Small Business Disaster Assistance Loans

Small businesses whose assets have been significantly damaged as a direct result of an eligible disaster may be able to access low interest loans of up to $250,000. These loans are provided to assist small businesses re-establish normal operations by covering costs such as:

Replacing or repairing damaged plant, equipment, and/or buildings

supplying stock to replace lost stock;

Meeting carry-on expenses such as paying rent and rates.

Visit www.grida.q1d.gov.au/current-programs/Disaster-recovery/disaster-assistance/disaster-assistance-small-business or contact 1800 623 946.

Disaster Assistance (Essential Working Capital) Loans

Up to $100,000 in concessional loans to assist small businesses with essential working capital for expenses such as paying salaries, wages, rent or rates and buying essential gods (e.g. fuel to carry on the business).

Visit http://www.grida.gld.gov.au/current-programs/Disaster-recovery/disaster-assistance-essential-working-capital/essential-working-capital-small-business or contact 1800 623 946.

Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants Primary Producer

Special Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants up to a maximum of $75,000 are available to assist eligible primary producers to assist with clean-up and reinstatement costs.

Visit www.grida.gld.gov.au/entity/primary-producer/special-disaster-assistance-primary-producer or contact 1800 173 349.

Disaster Assistance Loans - Primary producer

Concessional loans are provided to assist the re­establishment of normal operations of primary production enterprises by covering costs such as:

repairing or replacing damaged plant and equipment

repairing or replacing farm buildings

purchasing livestock to replace those lost in the disaster event

meeting carry-on requirements including: re-planting, restoring or re-establishing areas affected by the disaster event


essential property operations

paying rent and rates Visit www.grida.gld.gov.au/current-prog rams/Disaster-recovery/disaster-assistance/disaster-assistance-primary-producer or contact 1800 173 349.

Essential services safety and reconnection grant

Financial assistance for people in activated disaster areas to help reconnect essential services such as electricity, gas, water and/or sewerage/septic systems.

Visit www.q1d.qov.au/community/disasters-emergencies/financial-assistance/essential-services-safety-reconnection-grant or contact 1800 173 349.

Mentoring for Growth (M4G)

Offers eligible businesses access to volunteer business experts who provide insights, options and suggestions including mentoring for recovery. Visit www.business.q1d.gov.au/running-business/growing-business/business-mentoring/mentoring-growth or contact 13 74 68.

Business Queensland

There are a number of programs for starting or running small businesses www.business.q1d.gov.au/

Western Australia Support (no specific initiatives)

Small Business Development Corporation

Offers a range of services including:

Business skills workshops

Business licence finder database to identify required licences, registrations and codes of practice

Advisory services

Dispute resolution services

Visit www.smallbusiness.wa.qov.au/ or contact 13 31 40.

WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Provides various assistance measures due to declared natural disasters.

Category B — Emergency assistance for the repair of essential public assets and to support primary producers and small businesses to recover from a disaster event.

Category C — A community recovery package that is intended to support a holistic approach to the recovery of regions, communities or sectors severely affected by an eligible disaster.

Visit www.dfes.wa.gov.aufrecoverv/Paqes/DRFA-WA.aspx or contact 13 33 37.

Small Business Interest Rate Subsidy

Is available to small businesses for new loans to repair/replace assets that have been damaged or destroyed as a direct result of an eligible disaster. Visit http://www.dfes.wa.qov.au/recoverv/Pages/S mall-Business.aspx or contact 13 33 37.

Tasmania Support (no specific initiatives)

Emergency Preparation Kit for Business

Ensure your business is prepared for an emergency event.

Visit vvvvw.business.tas.gov.au/

Small Business Funding, Loans and Grants

There is a range of assistance available for business activities such as expanding a business, innovation, exporting, and research and development

Visit wvvw.business.tas.gov.au/finances-tax-and-insurance/seeking-finance-and-fundinq/applying-for-grants

Enterprise Centres Tasmania

Enterprise Centres Tasmania is a free service for all Tasmanian small businesses.

Visit www.enterprisecentres.tas.qov.au

AgriGrowth Loan Scheme incorporating the Young Farmers Support Package

The scheme offers low interest loans to Tasmanian farm businesses and agri-food businesses. It will support projects that advance the government's Agrivision 2050 plan.

Visit www.stategrowth.tas.qov.au/grants and fun ding opportunities/loans/aqrigrowth or contact 1800 440 026.

Northern Territory Support (no specific initiatives)

Business Growth Program

This program is available to all businesses, not-for-profit organisations and Aboriginal enterprises. The program offers information, funding and development services to help improve businesses. Open to all (not just small businesses).

Visit https://nt.gov.au/industry/start-run-and-grow-a-business/grow-your-business/business-growth-program or contact 08 8999 5511.

Aboriginal Business Development Program

Not exclusive to small businesses, with the business to be at least 50% Aboriginal owned and operated, and based and registered in the NT. Provides grants between $1,000 and $30,000. Visit vvww.nt.gov.au/industrv/start-run-and-grow-a-business/grow-your-business/business-grants-and-funding/aboriginal-business-development-progrann-abdp or contact 08 8999 5511.

Australian Capital Territory Support (no specific initiatives)

ACT business grants and funding

There are a number of programs to assist small businesses

Visit www.business.act.qov.au/grants-and-assistance/grants.


Commonwealth Bank Emergency Assistance Package

Visit https://www.commbank.corn.au/support/eme rgency-assistance-package. html?ei=customers.

Westpac Disaster Relief Package

Visit https://vvww.westpac.com.au/about-westpac/sustainability/initiatives-for-you/customers-disaster-relief/.

NAB Disaster Relief Fund

Visit www.nab.com.au/about-us/social-impact/customers/natural-disaster-and-crisis-support

St George Disaster Relief

Visit www. stgeorge. corn .au/about/susta i na bil ity-a nd-corn m unity/disaster-relief

ANZ Financial Relief

Visit www.anz.com.au/personal/

Australian Banking Association

Provides links and contact details of all bank's financial hardship teams.


www.ausbanking.orq.au/policy/customers/financia I-hardship/


NSW    1800 801 529 Law Access NSW: Disaster response hotline
VIC       1800 113 432 Disaster Legal Help Victoria: Disaster specific line
QLD     1300 004 924 Legal Aid Queensland: Natural Disaster legal help line
SA        1300 366 424 Legal Services Commission of South Australia: General assistance line for                   referral
WA      1300650 579 Law Access WA: General assistance line for referral
TAS     1300 366 611 Legal Aid Tasmania: General assistance line for referral
ACT     1300 654 314 Legal Aid ACT: General assistance line for referral
NT       1800 019 343 Northern territory Legal Aid Commission: General assistance line for                               referral 

Private Initiatives

Spend With Them Helping rebuild towns and businesses affected by fire. Spend With Them helps buy direct from clothing labels, surf shops, farms, wineries, distilleries and more.  Instagram : @spendwiththem Email: spendwiththem@turiapitt.com

Buy From the Bush A showcase of beautiful things to buy from rural communities facing drought.  Website: www.buyfromthebush.com.au  Instagram: @buyfromthebush Email: buyfromthebush@gmail.com   Media contact: peorpienregionalprcom.au  Media

Stay in the Bush Sister page to @buyfromthebush which showcases beautiful places to stay in the bush  Website: www.buyfromthebush.com.au/stay-in-the bush  Instagram: @stayinthebush

Go With Empty Eskys Getting people back into devastated communities when they are ready. To support local businesses, create a sense of community, and give back to devastated towns and families. Facebook group: #GoWithEmptyEskys Instagram: #gowithemptyeskys  

Support Australian Small Business Share your Australian Small Business pages, events and information. Facebook: www.facebook.com/Supportaustraliansmallbusiness

It's My Shout! A website that allows people to pay-it-forward by buying 'virtual products' to support businesses in East Grippsland, Victoria. For example, you can buy a coffee from a café in the locality and once it is paid for, it is available for a local to claim. Only applicable to East Grippsland, Victoria.  Website: https://www.itsmyshout.com.au/